Galaxy S10 1TB/12gb RAM

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

It's confirmed! You see, the good thing about being a former Verizon employee is I still keep contact with the salesmen, who happen to get a first hand look at the devices before launch. But with only 7 days left before the big reveal on (2/20/19) we can confirm a few details about the Galaxy S10 that are absolutely true!

Thank you MKBHD for a look at this almost exact replica of what it will look like. Now this picture has been floating around for a little while so lets talk specs. Dolby Atmos speakers will make the volume of this thing sound like a personal surround sound. As the title gives away, 1 TB of on-board storage, and the first smartphone to ever achieve such native storage sizes! I am pretty sure I just saw a video on YouTube of how much RAM is really needed in 2019. The consensus: 8gb. So to say the least, 12GB RAM in a phone is almost absurd! But them fortnite plays tho.. I am not complaining, trust me. It's good, but damn Daniel.. Back at it again with the crazy amounts of ram and impressive AMOLED screens and refresh rate batman!

The almost entirely bezel-less display is actually bothering me on a personal level. They are so close to making it all screen, sub the pill shaped camera cutout on the top right. I get it... It's hard to do and nearly impossible to make it underneath a display. But just look at the phones other off brand manufacturers came up with to hide it.

You have the The Honor Magic 2 with their slide camera design. That gives them the entire screen to work with. But raw specs alone it doesn't even come close to the GS10 in performance. A+ for idea, I wish Samsung stole this idea and slapped 16GB RAM and 1TB ssd in it and called it a day. What are you gonna do? Overall, the Galaxy S10 is rumored to have a starting price of around $1,190 for the 6GB of RAM and 512GB of storage version, while a 12GB/1TB model could set you back $1,475.

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