Finally! Kingdom Hearts 3!

Hey folks!

So I'm finally sitting down to talk about our lost hero, Sora, from Kingdom Hearts 3! (yay!)

It's hard to say how long it took to make this game happen for us, but we all know it was worth the wait! KH3 came out with a solid story line with a bunch of new worlds, and I know some of us were not the happiest about losing some worlds like Halloween Town and Hollow Bastion (my top two Favorites!) - even Final Fantasy is barely part of the game this time. Honestly that was a huge shocker for me, and I bet a lot of you can relate to this pain. All I'll say as a hardcore Final Fantasy fan is that if I don't see Sephiroth, I riot (kidding). While playing KH3, I've notice the gameplay is way to easy; which isn't a bad thing. Going though the game with some button mashing and some crazy attraction summons abilities like the tea cups or the MASSIVE pirate ship!

These summons are easy to use and make the gameplay much easier but if you're looking to make the gameplay harder just follow these steps: 1. Obviously proud mode. It will give you that boost of difficulty you'll want. 2. Kingdom Key only. 3. Don't use team, attraction or -za magic commands. (you can turn these off under settings after going through the storyline). 4. Take off both damage controls. You are practically invincible with both of them on. 5. Choose wisdom (because MAGIC). Sure it'll give you more magic but it will keep your health bar a bit lower so you can take less hits and MASH that guard block. STORY TIME! After beating the game and crying my eyes out about how great the story was, I reflected on how the worlds in this game are just beautiful. The graphics alone are hands down the best I've seen in a long time. Some of the worlds are so massive and open that I have no idea how they made it work on only 1 disc. Pirates of the Caribbean is a PRIME example on how great this game turned out.

My rate for Kingdom hearts 3 is 8.2/10

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