Fallout 76 Is and Always Will Be a Dumpster Fire

Listen, nobody on planet earth wanted Fallout 76 to succeed more than I did. I have thousands of hours across Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4. I even liked 4 a lot. Better graphics, decent engine, fun mechanics and the always classic Bethesda glitches that were still somewhat charming. So when I heard they were making a new game, based in lovely West Virginia, I was absolutely pumped. Thank goodness I didn't bother to pre-order it.

If you've lived under a rock for a year or two, you're probably asking "Cam, what makes Fallout 76 so bad?" and I'm here to explain everything that I think makes this game a pile of steaming hot garbage. For starters, we were told we were getting a multiplayer Fallout game. Holy hell this was the dream! Getting to experience the game that I love so much with all my friends? Count me in! But this isn't the game that we all know and love. It's an empty sandbox that not only failed to be a good Fallout game, but also failed at being a survival crafting type that it seemed to be attempting to be.

I think the biggest thing that left everybody disappointed was the lack of any linear story. There are no human NPC's to have conversations with. Something that most every fan has loved about the previous games. There are a couple robots with mediocre lines. All the story is "Built into the land" so you basically need to find and listen to holotapes to understand the "story" rather than getting to hear it from a well made, lovable character. Bethesda says "You're supposed to create your own story with player interaction." But that's just never going to happen for the masses. There may be some people who can do this and enjoy it but the vast majority need a little bit of sustenance from the game itself.

T-posing enemies are just the start to all of Fallout 76's problems.

The glitches that have plagued Bethesda since the very beginning are no longer charming and silly. Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game, with no ability to just go back to your previous save to avoid said glitch. So they just ruin the experience and cause issues. They took the Fallout 4 engine, and rather than fixing the glitches that they knew about, they just imported it right into the new game and said "good enough" leaving players to deal with all the same stuff we've had to deal with since Fallout 4's release in 2015. But since this is a multiplayer game, modders can't take it upon themselves to release unofficial patches like they have for every game since The Elder Scrolls Oblivion.

Then there's the always classic server problems on launch, not shockingly their servers couldn't handle the players that were trying to play. Not only did the servers suck, but the game was poorly optimized on console. Obviously PC is the Master Race but there is no reason that the game should EVER dip below 30 fps on the new consoles. The fact that they couldn't figure out how to make the game run at a consistent 30 frames on console is despicable. There are games that are infinitely more graphically demanding than Fallout that run at 60, so 30 and under is just lazy on Bethesda's part.

Nylon left canvas right, the difference is clear and it's understandable why people were upset.

Now here's a story that you may not have heard. The Fallout 76 Tricentennial pre-order bonus was supposed to come with a few in game items as well as a nifty little cloth, fallout themed bag. It was clearly advertised as cloth and then when the game came out and people got their bags, they were made of a significantly cheaper nylon material. Now when people rightfully started asking for their money back, and wondering why the hell they received such a low quality product. Bethsda simply said they A- Were not going to be giving anybody their money back and B- They went with nylon because they could not afford the cloth. To this I call BS, The pre-order to get this bag was 100+ dollars. That's 40 dollars more than the regular addition of the game. You can not convince me that it would cost more than 40 dollars to make each individual cloth bag. If you try, you're wrong.

Yeah, they charged actual money for this garbage.

Let's not forget to add the OUTRAGEOUS prices they're charging for skins. They make very boring skins that are not aesthetically pleasing in any way cost real life money. I don't care how much they cost, even if they were eleven cents, a full priced game should not be charging money for cosmetics that suck. At least try for crying out loud.

The Battle Royale genre is so over saturated, why would Bethesda sink any time into developing this?

Now nearly a year after the release of this game pretending to be Fallout, Bethesda decided "Hey, lets add a Battle Royale mode." Yes, a F**KING BATTLE ROYALE MODE. Bethesda has now gone from lovable creators of some of the best RPG's I have ever played, to selling out and making a GOD DAMN BR MODE. It's not strictly a BR game, you can still do the normal gameplay, but it's still garbage. After announcing this BR mode, they also added that they'd be adding human NPC's. Nearly a year later, after so much complaining from fans they gave in. But then sullied it by making a BR mode. The game is currently in a free week, and if this game was free the whole time, maybe I'd be able to enjoy it. But it's not worth ten dollars much less sixty. The fact that the game was on sale less than a month after release shows that it is awful.

All of this is coming from a Bethesda super fan that has owned nearly every game they've released since 2008. The company that once cared about their fans more than anything threw it all away in a clear cash grab. So way to go Bethesda, you screwed the pooch this time. I'll still be buying Elder Scrolls VI....

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