Facebook Down?!

Facebook and other apps it manages, including Instagram and WhatsApp, have stopped working properly.

This is not a total outage, as the issues appear to be with certain features. Facebook users are reporting that specific posts and photos are not showing, but that the page may load. Instagram appears to be non-functional with photos not loading on the app or website. WhatsApp users are reporting similar issues as Facebook. WhatsApp users are running into issues sending files, meaning that photos, videos and voice messages will not be sent.

Issues are being reported around the globe, according to the tracking website Down Detector. Users in Europe, USA, South America and Japan have been particularly affected, with thousands of reports coming in already.

At the time of writing, Facebook's "Platform Status" page still shows all services as healthy.

The last time all three services were down was back in March and many considered it to be the largest outage in the history of the internet and it lasted many hours and was ultimately blamed on a "server issue."

I will be covering this closely over the coming hours so stay tuned.

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