Diablo 4: Rising For Hatred

Being a massive fan of the Diablo series but lost interest once they announced for mobile use only. But now Blizzard is going back to its roots, and we like it! Here's the video to see for yourself!

That was awesome! Not only are they bringing the classic back, but we're getting a new boss, different time-frames, and lastly, not on mobile phones! PC based games! Blizzard is finally listening to there fans, and we like it!

Here's an image from the video with such beauty, it's almost like my money is going straight to Blizzard for making this masterpiece. That said, the video has only been out for about 12 hours and has reached over 1 million views and still counting. Hopefully, we will get some new races and classes. I miss my PALLY! But here's a video of the gameplay!

Looking super smooth and fast pace plus of course looks like a lot of grinding which is the best type of adventuring! Also looking like they only made 3 classes so far so we got 2 or 3 more to expect from Blizzard. Hopefully, they bring back the Paladin and Necromancer. While talking about classes, the Druid class looks like it's coming back from Diablo 2 which in my option the best out of the Diablo franchises. The release date will hopefully be in 2020 or 2021.

My face when I'm ready to conquer work in the morning. Check out some other blogs we have below!

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