Cybertruck is Real - Fully Electric Truck by Tesla

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

The general consensus about Cybertruck seems to be love it, or hate it. But I can't help but feel like the people that hate it are really only talking about they crazy design. Every blogger this side of the Mason/Dixon line is only talking about it's design and how strange it looks. Not here, lets talk about sheer facts and performance alone - Let me convince you to love this!

Here is Ford's F150 trying its hardest to out pull the Cybertruck. The torque alone will just absolutely bury any other truck on the market. You wanna feel like you have a big dick and out-haul anyone? get a Cybertruck then. Still not convinced? What could you possibly rebuttal against this monster?

"Well my Dodge Ram has a bigger load capacity..."

"No... It doesn't, Truckla's load capacity is nearly double"

"Well mine was cheaper"

"No, it's not. Cybertrucks cheapest model (Which has all the same range and power of your truck) Is only 40k... That's cheaper actually"

"Well mine looks cooler" "Does it though? I think Cybertruck looks pretty cool tugging other trucks backwards, along with going 0-60 4X faster than yours."

I just don't see how anyone could even argue against this thing. It's made of Steel, and sure, the glass broke, but you know damn well Elon will get that addressed and by the time it's first model releases in early 2021.