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Bethesda is Money Hungry and It Makes Me Sad

Okay, so I've already made a post on how much I despise Fallout 76. I made it clear that I love Bethesda, but Fallout 76 was Bethesda taking a step in an awful direction. So, Here's the new juicy "Bethesda sucks shit" news. They have announced that the original Doom, Doom II and Doom III are being brought to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and kind of Xbox, i'll touch on that in a minute. These three games are not being remastered or anything, just ported to the systems, which is awesome. Super cool. You're wondering "Cam, why on earth are you so upset about this?" ITS A SMOKESCREEN! Bethesda is making it so you need to sign in with a Bnet account just to play the games. These SINGLE PLAYER GAMES, require you to sign up for their site. No, it's not the end of the world, but it's just a continuation of them stepping into a place where you don't want to see them go.

Now, for the "Kind of xbox" part. All three of these games were already available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility to the Xbox 360 version of these games. They have taken those titles down, and are replacing them with the new versions, and forcing people who already owned the old titles to REPURCHASE SOMETHING THEY ALREADY BOUGHT! Same games, no changes other than making people sign into Bshit, and they are charging more money for it. For god's sake bethesda, WHY?! They continue this trend of being a greedy bunch of rats and it's so frustrating. They lost a lot of fans with Fallout 76 and they're not doing themselves any favors by pulling this stunt. It pains me to my core as an avid fan of theirs. It makes me think "How are they gonna mess Doom: Eternal up" and it makes me realllllly nervous about The Elder Scrolls VI. I wouldn't be surprised to see it riddled with shitty microtransactions, and hell, maybe they'll charge a hundred dollars just because. Sixty isn't enough, GOTTA GET THAT DOUGH. Can't spell Bethesda with out esda, which makes no fucking sense, and NEITHER DOES THEM CHARGING PEOPLE FOR SHIT THEY ALREADY HAVE!

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