Battle of the Best - Streaming

There is no doubt in my mind that when it comes to online streaming for movies and shows Netflix is by far the most heard of name in the business. But there are so many more sprouting up and battling to be the best. Lets take a look at some of the top Streaming services and how they compare to one another.

Netflix was reported by that "if the company meets its second-quarter forecast of $358 million in profit, it will earn more in the first half of 2018 than all of 2017, when it reported an annual profit of $558.9 million. The news sent Netflix stock up 6% in after-hours trading." Making it the most profitable online streaming service of 2018. Subscriptions pull in over 950 million per month. But as increasing costs of movie and TV show licensing comes up, Netflix relies on debt to maintain it's subscription to the ever increasing licenses.


Normally, I wouldn't even bother mentioning Apple TV because it's been struggling in the race to the top. However, it's been reported by several insiders that Apple will be presenting a streaming service announcement in a month. Cnet reports "Apple has invested roughly $1 billion in producing original content for its Netflix-style streaming service with at least 25 original shows such as dramas, comedies, docuseries and kids' programming in the works." So with that being said, it's apparent that Apple is trying to get a leg into the streaming battle.


Amazon Prime offers subscription based TV streaming through their website as well. In 2018 Amazon spent nearly 5 billion in video content to keep the subscribers pulling in almost half as much as Netflix did in their 4 quarters. Amazon will continue to try and create original content, as that seems to be the answer to all of these streaming services. Amazon, like a many of the streaming services appears to be struggling with their own series of shows. So relying on licenses to big name TV shows and movies will only dampen the overall cost of maintaining it's reputation.


No matter what you are always going to get each company shoving their content down your throat to try and get you to subscribe but I think it's almost important for there to be a winner to this battle. Sure, with competition comes better prices but with keeping my wallet in mind, I'd rather get all the content I want in one subscription than 5 small subscriptions. I have to constantly cancel and resub to other services, or else Id be paying a $7.99 subscription X 5 to get all the content I want. No matter what happens in the long run it is going to be a lot of money, wasted time, and there will only be one winner. Will it be Netlfix?

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