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Apple Could Be Challenging Google With Their Own Search Engine...

Although it's all speculation up to this point, rumors have been going around with Apple potentially dipping into the idea of creating their own search engine. According to a recent post from Apple Insider, Apple has been bypassing google's search engine in use of Spotlight and have also been heavily investing money into search.

Though it seems it might behoove Apple to take the risk of becoming the next Google, if we look at this realistically, I don't believe Apple will ever surpass Google in search results. I mean, come on, Google is a verb people use when they need to look something up online. Not many people know this, but a band-aid isn't a band-aid. Band-aid is the company that became synonymous with the term for "Adhesive sterile strips that you use to cover up minor scratches and wounds" - of course "Slap a band-aid on it" sounds much nicer - and so does "Google it." I don't personally see anyone in the future saying "Apple search it."

Google search has long been the standard for search engines, in fact, since 1998 - as well as a service for businesses small and large. It would be insane for Apple to cut ties with one of it's largest team mates. They are team-mates after all. As much as they seem like rivals, apple and google both pay each other immense amounts of money to stay relevant in the tech industry.

Let me know how you feel about it below!


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