Apple Cheese Grater X

Apple has lead the way to innovating technology for almost 2 centuries, so it comes to no surprise that they are delving into the culinary world of technology. The all new Apple Cheese Grater X is the worlds first smart cheese grater! Implementing precise measurements of cheese, as you grate it. It's proprietary A12 chip allows the Apple Cheese Grater X to collect almost 12 lbs of cheese at a time with its large form factor! WOW!

iOSCheese 1.0.0 will release in a few months that will give the Apple Cheese Grater X an all new heating option for ooey-gooey cheese and a cooling function for keeping that parmesan nice and cool. No need for a fridge with this thing! Since it's wifi enabled, you are able to download the Apple Cheese App and monitor your cheese at home, or from work. You can adjust the temperature and set alerts when someones got their hand on your cheese. Keep your cheese safe guys.. Keep your cheese, with Apple Cheese Grater X.

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