Apex Legends is back with a vengeance!

Apex Legends has seen a decline in its player base over the last few months with many users complaining about lack of content, a stale meta and how updates/changes are few and far between - but all that has changed with the launch of Season 2 - Battle Charge.

Apex Legends Season 2 - Battle Charge has been out for a little over 24 hours now and it is a breath of fresh air. Map changes, balance changes, new legend, new gun... this is what I've been waiting for! For the full patch notes, click here.

All these goodies come packed in a 20GB update for console and 18GB for PC - so be prepared to wait a little bit before being able to play. This is due to Respawn releasing this as a new build, so there will be no old files lingering about causing issues.

New Legend: Wattson

Wattson is the newest legend to drop into King's Canyon and she is well worth the wait! She is the most defensive oriented legend to date - again, a breath of fresh air in a game dominated by run and gun style legends. She uses her electrified fences to establish perimeters and make other legends think twice about the route they want to take - and her Interceptor Pylon ultimate acts like an iron dome and shoots incoming ordinance (grenades and bombs from Gibraltar and Bangalore) out of the sky, while simultaneously repairing damaged shields while you are in range.

New Gun: L-Star

The first new gun to drop into the game since the Havoc (pre-Season 1) is now one of my favorites. The L-Star is a legendary weapon only available in supply drops. I played for 8 hours yesterday and only got it twice - but did I ever put in work with it when I got it.

The stats on the L-Star are decent. It boasts a hefty 252 DPS, and with Body/Head/Leg damage of 21/42/17 - this thing is a monster. Take into account an enemy with purple armor - an effective 200 HP. It will take 10 body shots to kill, and assuming you hit all 10 shots... time to kill (TTK) is .75 seconds. That is INSANE in Apex Legends... a game that has notoriously high TTK.

Map Changes

To view all map changes, click here.

Thanks for checking out this blog and good luck out there in King's Canyon.

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