Apex Legends - Who's Blisk

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

A number of you are asking, Who's Blisk! Well, I'm glad you asked! Blisk is actually from Titanfall, another game. Which it looks like Apex and Titanfall made a deal for the Character to be the spotlight for Season 3 In Apex Legends. So long story short Season 3 is around the corner, and we get a new Legend, Here's the leak so far on what we know about Blisk! Video by That1MiningGuy

Honestly, I'm Hyped about the new Legend. But That1MiningGuy got more than a leak about a Legend; he also got a new battle mode with PVE! Either Apex is going to change their game entirely or make a new mode for players to enjoy teaming up with one another to face off monsters! I wouldn't mind both actually because PVE and PVP at the same time would be awesome, a guy can only dream. Here's a video that talks about the PVE mode by That1MiningGuy

Lastly here's some Blisk art that needs some love!

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