Apex Legends :: All Guns Reviewed and Ranked

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Apex Legends is the game of the year. I'm calling it right now. I absolutely love this game and have been playing it every chance I get since it came out. I have put considerable time into this game, and have held off reviewing anything until I had a rich understanding of the game and it's mechanics. That being said, lets get into this review... and hang tight, it's going to be a long one.

**When used below, B/H/L stands for Body/Head/Leg**

Tier 1

God Guns - these are my picks for the best guns in the game - one's you should learn to use and certainly keep throughout the game once you find them. These are usable by both new and advanced players.



  • Type: Pistol

  • Ammo: Heavy

  • Mag Size: 6

  • Fire Rate: 3.1/second

  • DPS: 139.5

  • B/H/L Damage: 45/90/40.5

The Wingman is the only non-legendary gun in this tier. For anyone who remembers the Desert Eagle in Call Of Duty 4, that is pretty much what the Wingman is in Apex Legends. This gun is best in the hands of a player with excellent aim and precision.



  • Type: Shotgun

  • Ammo: Unique Shells

  • Mag Size: 4

  • Fire Rate: 1.3/second

  • DPS: 187.2

  • B/H/L Damage: 18/36/18 per pellet for a maximum of 144/288/144

The Mastiff is one of 2 legendary weapons in the game and as such can only come from air drops. It has it's own unique ammo, is not compatible with regular shotgun ammo and takes not attachments. The mastiff fires 8 pellets in a horizontal line pattern. The damage on this weapon is INSANE. This gun is monkey food... BANANAS!! Anyone can pick this up and do well with it, but it is best in the hands of players that like to fight at close range and are good at snap shooting (also called 'twitch aiming').