Apex Cross Platform Coming Soon!

Apex cross platform
EA announced Multi-Platform design coming soon!

It seems to be the burning question of every Apex addict. When can we cross platform? EA responded in the early stages of this new battle royal launch that players can expect to play cross-platform soon enough, however players cannot cross-progress. Meaning like most ranked gaming, you wouldn't be able to earn any sort of experience in rank in battle mode. In a recent EA interview with Eurogamer, lead producer - Drew McCoy - Confirmed that it's in the works. Although no official date is released we can assume with the recent explosion of the game since launch our educated guess is sometime in late April, early May 2019. - We hope

According to Respawn Entertainment's interview with EA cross-progression is unfortunately not possible at all due to the platform that was used to create Apex. Which is a complete bummer for EA because they aren't able to jump on that bandwagon with Fortnite and Rocket League. That could hurt EA more than help them especially with the recent burst of battle royal games to come up in the last few months, and probably future as well. Could the diversity and uniqueness be enough to make Apex survive? We shall see.