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Anthem - Lets play!

Hey guys!

So there's been a lot of talk about Anthem and how great it's gonna be. Honestly I can't wait to play it. Looks fresh, great graphics, and the story is looking pretty great to. YOU CAN ALSO FLY WHAAAAAAT?! But anyway let's get down to business! I'm here to give you all tips and what to look forward today. Here's what we got today - Release date xD - Challenges :O - Classes :D - Story line! - Friends? LET DIG IN WOOT!

Release date xD

Everyone has been waiting for this roller coaster! While we wait for the remaining couple days for Anthem to come out, people have been worried it's going to be to much like destiny 2. But while playing the beta and seeing how free you are to roam around and just do your own thing, it's honestly amazing. It's nothing like destiny 2, IT'S BETTER.

*February 22 2019*

Challenges :O

There are 10 Challenge categories in Anthem, each with multiple subsections. Many of these challenges you’ll complete just by visiting locations or gathering items, or using your weapon and fist! Whichever comes first. Others will require a bit more planning and effort, particularly those focused around your Javelin. Javelin's are powered exo-suits worn and piloted by freelancers when venturing into the world beyond Fort Tarsis. They grant their wearers superhuman capabilities and are heavily modifiable, allowing for a number of unique individual models.

You can find the Challenge list by opening up your Cortex and switching to the Challenges tab menu. There’s a Tracked section to keep an eye on ones you’ve started, as well as a list of Challenges you’ve already completed. You can complete each Challenge once and you’ll be able to see your progress under each section.

The 10 Challenge categories are:

- Path to Glory - Factions - Expeditions - Exploration - Gear - Weapons - Feats - Combat - Javelin - Freelancer

Classes :D

Here's the list of Classes and why you should pick them!

1 - Ranger: The Ranger as experienced in the opening missions, is an average all-rounder Javelin. This class is perfect for the player that wants decent armor as well as great damage output. The playstyle of the Ranger lends itself to a more soldier-like experience, using grenades and missile barrages to combat enemies. If you’re not too sure about the other classes, the Ranger is an excellent place to start ( Just ready to gun everything down son! ) 2 - Colossus: The Colossus is your walking tank. This Javelin is nearly impervious to damage, so long as it keeps moving and keeps its shield up. It doesn’t actually come with a rechargeable shield, so to make up for this it has a bigger health bar and a physical shield it holds. Due to its incredible size, the Colossus is the slowest of the Javelins, lacks any form of dodge, and will overheat faster when flying. If you’re the type of player that likes to get up close and personal with the enemy, while being able to take a lot of damage, the Colossus is for you. ( You slap me, i slap harder with rocks ) 3 - Storm: The Storm is the mage-like Javelin in Anthem. Excelling at long range combat, the Storm keeps out of the fight and attacks using elemental-based abilities. The Storm is perfect for the player that likes a “glass cannon” playstyle, where all the points have been placed into “damage” leaving the “health” incredibly low. That is to say, the Storm is squishy, dying in seconds to basic enemies if overrun. To combat this, the Storm has a unique ability to be able to hover for significantly longer than the other classes, keeping it above the battlefield and turning it into an Apache helicopter raining down destruction. ( PEW PEW PEW ZAP ) 4 - Interceptor: The Interceptor Javelin is the classic in-your-face melee class that decimates the battlefield. Though it might not be as well-armored as the Colossus, the Interceptor is just as capable in close-quarters. To make up for the lack of armor, it can move extremely quickly, flipping around the battlefield with ease. There’s a certain style to the Interceptor’s movement, making it a prime choice for any player that likes a bit of flourish with their attacks. ( Kung fu Robot NINJA ) What does all of this mean Family? It means Co-op sleepovers! i'm not too old! im independent i swear.

Story line!

Anthem is set on an post-apocalyptic Earth-like planet shaped by mysterious progenitors using a mystical tool called the Anthem of Creation—only they forgot to turn the damn thing off when they were finished. For thousands of years, the Anthem of Creation has been humming away, mutating and changing life while humans struggle to survive against a growing number of enemies like The Dominion. As a Freelancer, your mission is to help the residents of Fort Tarsis live another day while undoubtedly discovering the secrets of the Anthem of Creation along the way. Obviously we the people need to kick the S^&* out of the baddies.


Time to make some good pals cause this 4 player co-op is gonna be off the charts! But Remember you don't need to play with anyone you can just go solo and kick A$$ still, It's just more fun with some buddies and having a good time! there's no harm in trying! Go nuts Fam, this game will truly be a blast! My rating for Anthem is 10/Hype (not even out yet Geez)

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