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Tesla Model Y is sooo S3XY!

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

It goes without saying that the most innovative, futuristic cars to date are Tesla's Model S, 3, X, and now the Y. A complete S3XY lineup of sport and SUV fully electric, moderately autonomous cars that will surely change history. During the even Elon highlighted the full lineup of cars from the very beginning, but there is one key safety feature Elon didn't fully discuss that will surely make the Model Y the safest and most reliable Tesla thus far. Lets take a look at some specs!

Performance Model

66 cu ft Cargo Space

300 mi Range (EPA est.)

AWD Dual Motor

7 Seats - WHAT!

Easy access to trunk

0-60 3.5 seconds

168 Miles in 15 min charge

12K+ Superchargers


15 inch Touchscreen display. The list goes on and on, of course these are the top highlights of the Fastest Model. Tesla did announce during the even that the cheapest Standard range model wouldn't be available until early 2021.

And yet still cheaper than a new Ford F-150. You'll be paying $60 in Gas a week for the truck as well.. You decide which is better. Personally Id rather rent a truck when I need one.

Tesla Models on left - Ford F-150 2019 on Right


So lets talk about Safety - I found in my research something very interesting. During the event they didn't allow anyone to look at the notorious "Frunk" or Front-Trunk space. However they did post a design for the impact mechanism in the front. See below:

In the first Image you can see the new design of the impact protection for the Model Y. If you look closely in comparison to the next image on the Model 3, this mechanism takes up a lot more room, leaving less space for the Frunk. Not a huge deal, in fact, I would take safety over the space anyway. I just thought it was interesting that they didn't show this during the event, maybe it's not quite finished yet or something, who knows. After all, this was the first huge piece of technology that didn't leak in probably 10 years. I already know what the Samsung Galaxy S11 and iPhone 11 look like and they probably haven't even come up with the idea for it yet! Sheesh.

At the event they let invitees take a quick 30-40 second stroll in it, but no great footage of the inside was possible because of how dark it was. Good thinking Elon! Passangers reported that it's no different than some of the other Teslas except the whole 7 seat thing. The back two seats are more for, well, small people and children. I wouldn't put a 6ft tall person back there..


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