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Monster Hunter World X Resident Evil 2

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Monster Hunter World is known for there funny and Bizarre crossovers like Assassins Creed and Street Fighter, but this is by far my favorite. Resident Evil is taking over the MHW this November, so if you hadn't gotten the DLC for MHW: ICEBORN yet, make sure to do so cause its one icy hunt! Here's the clip if you haven't seen it yet!

So exciting! Becoming Leon or Claire already looks excellent for layer skins, but my attention went to Mr. X as the handler, we should replay the story-line just for the cutscenes.

But it also looks like something else is new? That big room where Leon and Claire end up surrounded by zombies? It seems to be either a hang out spot or a survival-mode for new events.

Hang out? Or The battle to survive!

I could be wrong, and the zombies are layer skins to make the video funnier. Which is most likely, but I can dream about the other two. There also seems to be a new weapon of choice coming out, can't really see the weapon, but you can very well see the giant slab of tofu at the end on the hilt.

But wait there's more!

and your reward is below!

Dance you beautiful, fabulous dead people!

Thanks for reading Folks, there's not much info about the update so Stay tuned!

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