SCUM Is A Better DayZ than DayZ.

It's no secret that Dayz's standalone release has been nothing short of a dumpster fire. Staying in alpha for FOUR YEARS and still being in beta to this day. While they made their money off the game, they certainly didn't make any friends in the community. Lack of regular updates, a poor engine and stale gameplay has irritated many. This is where SCUM comes in.

SCUM is a multiplayer online survival game with both PvP and PvE aspects, developed by a Croatian studio by the name of Gamepires. To summarize the concept of the game, It's TV show, where convicted criminals are tossed onto an island to survive and fight for the entertainment of others.

Much like Dayz, you spend the majority of the game looting buildings and supply drops to find food, water, and weapons to fight off people, Puppets (What the game calls zombies), as well as wildlife. The big difference between the two is how big of an emphasis there is on survival. You must find food and water to survive. These mechanics go far and beyond those of Dayz. You have to pay attention to stomach, intestine, and colon volume. Everything you eat must be digested before it's properly converted into usable energy. You must try to balance your caloric intake vs your calorie usage. Funny enough you also have to urinate and defecate on your own. Every type of food you eat can change something. You have to worry about your vitamin and mineral levels. All of these things can be found and tracked in your metabolism menu.