First Level 60 Goes to Alliance AOE Mage!

If you didn't get a chance to watch out live-stream of the event that is OK! with his 300k twitch live viewers at the time of level up I am sure there will be plenty of YouTube coverage in the next few hours. I recorded the exact moment it happened!

Let the nostalgia sink in. I haven't seen a celebration this packed since the old Zezima Drop parties in RuneScape! Good on Blizzard to have such minimal work needed on the game release and reap the benefits of all this attention! This level 60 AOE mage was achieved in less that 4 days since the official launch. I wonder if he actually slept! I remember playing WoW all night until 2AM on nothing but Funions and Mtn Dew. True story - Ask my friend Aaron XD

He reached a max capacity of 342,000 viewers on twitch at the time of celebration as depicted above. Good job man, and go get some much needed sleep lol

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