Surface Neo Just Made me Almost Spill my Coffee...

"Microsoft has just undoubtedly passed Apple in innovation, creativity, and shocking ingenuity!" - Anthony Terrano

Let me explain why. Lately, I have been hard pressed to be wow'd by innovative products, and quite frankly, it's not really anyones fault. Since the launch of Apple's iPhone in 2007 there really hasn't been any sort of uproar of emotions. Like when Steve Jobs uttered those words - Remember? "An iPod... A Phone... And an Internet Communicator.... You getting it?? This is one device!"


If your mind didn't explode when that happened, I don't know what will. But enough about Apple, lets talk about the next innovative game-changer. This "Neo" product. As you can see by the picture above, it is not only a laptop but also a monster sized tablet. My initial thoughts when I saw this image wasn't how innovative it was, in fact, I though it was basically an oversized Samsung galaxy fold. BOY was I wrong!

On top of the slick, thin design and the idea of having two massive hinged tablets, this is almost entirely digitally modular. What I mean by modular is that it changes the way you interact with the device depending on your orientation, or devices you use along side it. If you bring the pen to the surface, it knows you are ready to write and enables the touch sensitivity of the pen-to-hand dynamics. You can turn it like a book and flip through pages. But here is where things get wild...

Slap a keyboard on it and now you have literally a windows version of a Macbook Pro. I was honestly floored to see this... Apple spent literally years thinking of creative ways to access that tiny little space above the keyboard and Microsoft just quadrupled its size in about 4 seconds. Not only that but you might be thinking... "I don't really care to use that space and I'd rather have a mousepad instead of touch, after all, it is a laptop right?

Neo: You were saying?

Me: I..... Uhhh.... Did you just?....

Neo: Yes, I did


Okay, some of you may not be impressed, but just check out the awesome video Microsoft made for this thing, It made me actually sit up in my chair.

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Thanks TTB Crew!

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