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How to Get Julian Solomita's Camera $900 Off!

Julian Solomita is highly regarded as an extremely great Vlogger! I watch all of his content and one thing always seems to stick out like a sore thumb. His videos are always so good! That's partly due to his camera choice - the Sony A7s. A lot of the Youtube community is seeking this Camera out for it's amazing quality, dynamic range, and versatility as a great still-shot camera, and a video recorder.


Right now the Sony A7s is $908 off on Amazon. Yes, it's a steep price, but you wont see another deal like this for a while! Most camera's - especially Canon - Seem to have a really hard time with file types and editing software. Sony makes that easy! You don't need thousands of dollars in equipment and editing software to make stunning vlogs and great pictures. The A7 does a really good job at presenting a mid-range price for a premium camera. You could even use this for movie shots if you wanted. Julian typically uses this camera for filming Aries Kitchen. Although you would need a decent mic as well. I linked one here for you to check out!


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