5G. What is it and when is it coming?

You might have heard on TV or the news, maybe the radio that 5G technology is coming to the mobility industry. Verizon in mid 2018 announced that they were upgrading their infrastructure to support such speeds and structure, but what is it?

5G is a GSM network that runs higher bandwidth internet, as apposed to the American proprietary CDMA network. So it would be safe to say that our old, out of date, and only useful in America antennas are gonzo. Now if only we could get on board with using the metric system like the rest of the world... But that's another blog post.

So know that we know what 5G is, when are we expected to get it. Based on how much money is being spend in infrastructure replacement, Verizon is looking to be the first major carrier with such support, their aim is late summer of 2019. Which is surprising to me because AT&T is already there, but their focus has been more on the side of TV and advertisement it seems. With all these changes, Verizon isn't gutting out their old CDMA network because earlier this year Spectrum announced it's mobile broadband network, conveniently using Verizon's old 3G-4G network. So be aware that if Spectrum offers you a better deal with "the same network as the other guys" it's because they are behind the curve of technology and not looking to expand their own network.

What are we gonna do with all that bandwidth?!?? Verizon and other larger companies have claimed massive advances in VR, streaming, gaming, download speeds, and network reliability. This is actually spectacular news, with faster speeds comes faster reaction time to smart cars, better and faster data for sharing information and overall a better experience. Overall, 5G will be the 4th industrial revolution in my opinion. Finally a hige spike in the way technolo

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