NBA 2k20 is a Buggy Mess and Players Are Less Than Impressed

Well, the title really puts it across here. 2k has reaaaallly dropped the ball on this one. So much so that #Fix2k20 is trending on twitter. You'd think after years of being accused of making the same game and perennially having problems they'd at least attempt to fix it. But it seems as though 2k is taking a page right out of EA's playbook. EA has been known for this in every sports game they've made over the last several years and 2k has been viewed as the savior. Some even saying they'd like to see 2k take over the making of the NFL football game.

So what's the issue you may wonder. Well outside of the usual putting out a carbon copy every single year, There's glitches that impact the game, and now glitches costing people money. Games like Fallout and Skyrim have glitches that make the game goofy and fun, but nobody wants those in a sports game. We want our sports games to be crisp, clean and look like real life. But instead we get invisible players (Yes, completely invisible) and players doing their best Gumby impressions. More so, we certainly don't want glitches that give us nothing in return for the money we spend.

2k is known for having a very aggressive micro-transaction system in their basketball game. Not only is it in their MyTeam mode, it also boils over into their MyCareer mode, which doesn't happen in any other sports game. You earn VC (Virtual Currency) by playing games. You spend this VC to upgrade your characters attributes. But the amount you earn per game is not nearly enough to get your player anywhere. You either spend a ton of money to get your characters skills up, or you grind out hours upon hours. Somehow despite backlash from the community they continue to get more and more aggressive.

So not only are they forcing you to spend your money, there has been a glitch recently that is causing players to not receive any VC at all, despite spending their hard earned money on it. On some level you can understand glitches in game, but this kind of thing should never happen, especially to a franchise that's been under fire for years. I hate that we see companies continue to do this stuff. Madden 19 was an awful video game, and Madden will never get better without any competition. EA does make NBA Live which you would think gives 2k some reason to do better, but clearly it's done nothing. All we want is to have our 60+ dollars be deserved, but we don't get that from sports games anymore. We get incrementally better games every year and we keep buying them because they're the only options for sports games. We are tired of this garbage, but clearly we'll keep spending all sorts of money because humans are stupid. Keep on sucking 2k, it'll catch up eventually.

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