$1500 GS10 Hacked So Easily!

As you might have heard in the past Galaxy devices have always had a hard time adjusting to Face ID recognition and in recent discovery by many people, the all new and "improved" galaxy S10 has a major flaw in the security behind their software. You can simply scan a 2D picture of your face, eyes closed or not, and BOOM, you've now just hacked into the phone. This is cause for concern especially with every-ones faces almost always being available to social media platforms. C'mon Samsung... This needs to be addressed and it desperately needs to get better! This is more money than a USB iris scanner you can buy off amazon. Apple had literally no problem at all with their face ID scans because it's a 3d dotted image. It negates beards, glasses, and even offers features within software configuration to do things with your eyes. There is just no excuse for this and hopefully with the next model of GS devices, it will be fixed. Nothing as of yet has come out for any sort of statements from Samsung. We will keep you posted if they do!

Thanks for reading - Anthony

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