$1,500 Galaxy S10, Here's Why you Wont Buy it.

When it comes to expensive phones for the last 10 years everyone associated Apple with the premium, high end, expensive phones. Apple even said in their advertisements for the all new Xs Max that it was "expensive". I think it's safe to say that Samsung has surpassed Apple in not only price, but quality and innovation as well. Any android guru would argue that apple has always been one step behind, but you can't deny that Apples innovation came mostly from software instead or raw specs, and that's what the people want. In 2002 it was unheard of to have a UI that responded quickly, accurately, and smooth until apple stepped in the game and showed the world what smooth really looks like. Samsung, arguably, has always been one step ahead of the hardware game. Introducing water resistance, wireless charging, AMOLED screens, rapid charging and many more features. We have now reached a point in time where Apple and Samsung have never been so neck and neck, and the next few years will determine the winner. This year, with the release of the 3 new Galaxy S10 models, we have to ask ourselves if it's worth spending the money. Lets break down the features and what differentiates this phone from the one you are probably holding this article in your hand with.

Galaxy 10

Weight: 157g Dimensions: 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm OS: Android 9 (Pie) Screen size: 6.1-inch Resolution: QHD+ CPU: Octa-core chipset RAM: 8GB Storage: 128/512GB Battery: 3,400mAh Rear camera: 12 MP wide + 12 MP 2x optical zoom + 16 MP Ultrawide Front camera: 10MP