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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Members Free to sign up?

Answer: Yes! 100% Free, we give you the option to receive Email notifications, we don't sell your info, and anything you upload to the page is encrypted - However it is a public site, so please be aware of that!

2. How do I stop Email Notifications?

Answer: Easy! If you are getting TTB Emails it means you are a member. Thank you! If you navigate to your profile page by clicking the "Members" menu, then navigate to your page. Click settings, and this page gives you all toggle bars for Email notifications. You may turn any of these on or off as you please. We do store your Email when you are a member, but if you contact us via "Contact Us" and ask to be removed, we will remove you, however membership does require a valid email to sign up - It's for our security. 

3. Can I create Forums?

Answer: Yes, it does require you to be a member. Sign up here!

4. How do I report a problem with the page, or another member?

Answer: We do have mods in the forum and blog sites. If there is anything that violates our Terms and Conditions please contact us directly and let us know what happened, we will address it as soon as we can!

5. Can I Share Files in TTB FileShare?

Answer: Yes, however for our own security we we ask that you submit a request to become a Validated Member. For now, only Validated members can manage files and upload to the shared files screen. Use the Contact US menu to submit a request or Email us directly at

5. Why am I seeing ads?

Answer: We do not run direct advertisement - however we are apart of the Amazon Affiliates program so if you see a product linked to amazon or an amazon based ad, that is why! We do not run ads for the sake of running ads, we only link products that we review or think is worthy of your attention.

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